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Kelsie Kimberlin is a popular American-Ukrainian singer/musician who strongly supports Ukraine. As President Zelensky’s urged in his Grammy speech, she uses her music and her social media platforms to constantly speak out about Ukraine. Recently, Kelsie visited Ukraine to engage in humanitarian work and film music videos about the war. She works closely with Ukrainian NGOs, military officials, and political leaders. It was at their urging that she launched this foundation.

The foundation has initially created three projects for funding; 1) assisting those injured by the war; 2) creating a global crowdfunding platform to focus on rebuilding Ukraine; and 3) assisting Ukrainian musicians and their families affected by the war. As such, donors can earmark their donations to a specific project or donate to a general fund that will target whatever has the greatest need. Donations can be made via credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or check.

Helping Ukraine

Kelsie recently visited the largest military hospital in Ukraine where she heard about the catastrophic injuries, both physical and psychological, suffered by soldiers across Ukraine. She met soldiers including “Sasha” who defended Azovstal in Mariupol before he was captured and imprisoned by the enemy for 15 months. When he was released as part of a prisoner exchange, he was skin and bones, and needed extensive medical treatment for more than a dozen shrapnel wounds, a lost eye and three fingers. Right then, Kelsie vowed to do everything possible to help those who need it, both military and civilian. The military hospital is full with an endless stream of newly injured soldiers needing help. Therefore, there is a tremendous need for new, state of the art medical facilities that specialize in the trauma of war injuries. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are needed to build such facilities and treat the wounded yet the Ukrainian government does not have such funds while fighting a brutal war. Therefore, only the world community can step up and unite to provide such funds. Please donate here and ask your friends and employers to do the same. Together, we can honor those who fought and fight to protect the entire civilized world by providing them with the best medical services.