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Kelsie recently traveled to Ukraine to see first-hand the horrors that have been inflicted on innocent and peaceful Ukrainians in city after city. She spent many days in Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, and Kyiv at locations of the worst atrocities in those areas. She saw thousands of homes and apartments destroyed by enemy bombings, with shrapnel piercings everywhere, and scars from artillery shells that landed in playgrounds, churches, a cultural center, and a soccer field. She saw people still living in homes with no windows or electricity because they have nowhere else to go. She saw grocery stores and small businesses burned and shuttered, and bridges that lay mangled in the water a year after they were destroyed. Yet what she saw is just a fraction of the destruction across Ukraine. Literally every city, village and region in the country has been grievously harmed. Experts are predicting that it will cost several trillion dollars to rebuild Ukraine after victory. Where will that money come from? In l947, the United States initiated the Marshall Plan to help rebuild post-war Europe and a similar plan must be enacted for Ukraine. However, it will not be enough and will likely not be distributed fairly. So, we can start now to raise funds and do it through a global crowdfunding effort. Kelsie discussed this with many people during her travels to Ukraine and decided to build a platform called “Adopt A Ukrainian City” which will list every region, city, and village in Ukraine, along with their needs to rebuild and recover. Once this platform is created and online, any country, city, business, or person in the world can earmark their donation, in effect adopting a region, city or village in Ukraine to help their recovery. For example, New York City could adopt Dnipro and create a publicity campaign for New Yorkers to donate. Scotland could do the same for the Sumy region. With such a global effort and a sense of goodwill and justice, Ukraine could be not only recovered but be the shining light of Europe.The initial funds would be used to build the platform for this crowdfunding effort. Those funds would be used to hire Ukrainian IT professionals to build a user-friendly website that would list every city and what they need to recover. Once this platform is online, the targeted fundraising will begin along with the implementation of best practices for disbursement, audits, and transparency. Please give generously to this project.

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Assist Ukrainian Musicians And Their Families

Many musicians put their careers on hold to join the Armed Forces, and many paid the ultimate price while others were injured.

Build A One-Stop Platform To Rebuild Ukraine

Build a platform called “Adopt A Ukrainian City” which will list every region, city, and village in Ukraine

Help Those Injured By The War

Building a state-of-the-art medical facility that specialize in the trauma of war injuries.

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Hundreds of individuals worked with us, and we offer the opportunity to connect with other donors.

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Together, we can honor those who fought and fight to protect the entire civilized world by providing them with the best medical services.